Endorsement Updates

CE47EEBF-E97E-4A4F-BDF6-C3855B2EE087Message from Suzanne:

Good news!

I have just been informed that I have been endorsed by Washington Berniecrats Coalition, aka Our Revolution-Washington Berniecrats Coalition AND Local Berniecrats Washington State. This is in addition to Our Revolution-Pierce County. I am honored to have the support of so many individuals and organizations fighting for equity and social justice. Thank you all.

Ballots are due tomorrow! Let’s remind our friends and family to turn them in. Our votes matter!



One Week to Go!

We’re in the final week before the #Primary! Please help get the word out about Suzanne’s #campaign for Pierce County Council District #5. Share Suzanne’s platform with friends and keep an eye out for our volunteer opportunities! {And if you haven’t liked Committee to Elect Suzanne Skaar on Facebook yet, please do.}

Thank you for your support!


Endorsement: The Progressive Voters Guide

Message from Suzanne:


I am pleased to announce I have received an endorsement from The Progressive Voters Guide. Thank you for your support, FUSE and partners.

To read the full endorsement statement, please click here.

We have many ways to get involved in the coming weeks. Please like and follow us on Facebook at Committee to Elect Suzanne Skaar, and email suzanneskaar2018@outlook.com if you’d like to help doorbell, phonebank, distribute and place campaign signs, and/ or wave signs. Donations are also helpful as we’ll soon need to order more campaign literature.

We couldn’t have made it this far without the generous contributions of time and energy by so many awesome individuals, and the support of the larger Pierce County District 5 community. We are ready for change. While I know we have many challenges ahead of us, I am honored to work side by side with such selfless leaders and community activists who put their hearts and souls into making life in Pierce County more equitable and safe. Thank you. Let’s keep going.


Message from Philip Bradford

Philip Bradford speaking at a rally for SEIU 775.

The following is a message from friend and supporter, Philip Bradford:

“Suzanne has impressed me for years with her tenacious advocacy for the south and east end of the Tacoma Metro area. Her credentials are superior: Suzanne has headed international non-profit efforts, assisted injured workers to reenter our competitive job market and made it clear our growing economy will be accompanied by environmental responsibility. Her education, ability to think as big as our expanding county and capacity to diplomatically and professionally stand up to cynical attempts to set us back make her the natural choice. It’s her time.”

Philip Bradford, Work Opportunities and Health Care Advocate


Suzanne has worked hard for this community and will continue to do so in the role of the District 5 Pierce County Council Member. Please make a donation today and tell your friends why you support Suzanne Skaar.

Message from Athena Brewer, SENCo Board Member

The following is a message from Athena Brewer, South End Neighborhood Council Board Member:


Suzanne Skaar is an ardent advocate for us all in her holistic approach to supporting equal opportunity community engagement, environmental sustainability, and empowering citizens from all walks of life through visibility and accessibility to local leadership for the energized generation of today.
If you’re sick of the status quo, and the same old actors who only rely on rhetoric, and instead you want to see more fresh female faces in leadership who bring dynamic real-world solutions to the table, vote for Suzanne Skaar!

Athena Brewer, South End Neighborhood Council Board Member

Athena will be hosting a House Party on July 13 from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. for those who’d like to learn more about Suzanne’s campaign. Make your own Wood-fired Pizza and grab a drink at this limited seating gathering. RSVP to suzanneskaar2018@outlook.com .

Details and directions will be sent with confirmation of reservation. There is a suggested donation of $25 in advance or $30 at the door.


Why Marilyn Kimmerling supports Suzanne


The following is a message from Ms. Marilyn Kimmerling, recipient of the Conversation’s 2018 Redeeming the Vision Civil Rights Award, on why she supports Suzanne Skaar for Pierce County Council District 5:

“I support Suzanne Skaar’s candidacy because we need members on our County Council who will represent the concerns of the working poor, immigrants, minorities, people with disabilities, and mothers — a person who is not beholden to corporate money and interests. Suzanne is a mother and knows that we in Pierce County need to do everything in our power to work for a sustainable future for our children and all the world’s children. Suzanne is articulate and smart and she is not intimidated by anyone.”

Help support Suzanne’s campaign today. Invite friends to like the Committee to Elect Suzanne Skaar page on Facebook, make a donation (online or by mail), and help share Suzanne’s platform with others.

Thank you!