Message from Wemba-koy Okonda

Wemba-koy Okonda (center in red shirt) in Kinshasa.

The following is a message from friend and supporter, Wemba-koy Okonda:

“I first met Suzanne when we worked for the University of Washington. I told her about my mission to help fellow Congolese refugees here in the United Stated and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and my dream of starting a non-profit (Okongo). She immediately helped with outreach, research, writing, and design. She served on the board for a few years in a support role, and actively worked to encourage a board which was led by immigrants and refugees. Suzanne’s cultural sensitivity and real-world knowledge of community resources would be of great benefit to the residents of Pierce County. Please support her.”

Wemba-koy Okonda, Candidate for Democratic Republic of Congo Parliament

Support Suzanne today by donating online:

and please tell your friends why you support Suzanne for Pierce County Council District 5!

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