Suzanne’s Platform


Suzanne Skaar is running for Pierce County Council District 5.

The voters’ pamphlet guide is available now, but read on for the following message from Suzanne:

I am asking for your vote and support for Pierce County Council District 5. As a working mother, activist, and South End Tacoma resident, my number one priority is accessibility. Gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, country of origin, and income level should not be barriers to participation in public and political life. Underrepresented communities must have a voice in local government.

We need to work together to address not only the symptoms of poverty (homelessness / underhousing, food insecurity, etc.), but the root causes. Many services which could be most efficiently provided by government agencies, such as affordable and rapid rehousing, mental health services, and emergency food assistance, are being outsourced to an increasingly strained network of non-profits. Our government needs to centralize services to prevent vulnerable individuals and families from falling through the cracks. Additional solutions include: assessing the county tax structure and its impact on services and poverty; providing incentives and job apprenticeship programs in the clean energy sector; strengthening our public transportation system; and partnering with the business community to narrow the wage gap.

We can accomplish great things with teamwork. Please reach out to me and share your ideas for Pierce County. Thank you.


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