Suzanne’s Platform


Suzanne Skaar is running for Pierce County Council District 5.

The voters’ pamphlet guide is available now, but read on for the following message from Suzanne:

I am asking for your vote and support for Pierce County Council District 5. As a working mother, activist, and South End Tacoma resident, my number one priority is accessibility. Gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, country of origin, and income level should not be barriers to participation in public and political life. Underrepresented communities must have a voice in local government.

We need to work together to address not only the symptoms of poverty (homelessness / underhousing, food insecurity, etc.), but the root causes. Many services which could be most efficiently provided by government agencies, such as affordable and rapid rehousing, mental health services, and emergency food assistance, are being outsourced to an increasingly strained network of non-profits. Our government needs to centralize services to prevent vulnerable individuals and families from falling through the cracks. Additional solutions include: assessing the county tax structure and its impact on services and poverty; providing incentives and job apprenticeship programs in the clean energy sector; strengthening our public transportation system; and partnering with the business community to narrow the wage gap.

We can accomplish great things with teamwork. Please reach out to me and share your ideas for Pierce County. Thank you.


Thank you

3DA9F6D9-9C63-495D-8B7E-1B17B7D96D4FMessage from Suzanne:


Thank you very much to everybody who supported me in my run for Pierce County Council District 5. While the vote did not come down in our favor last night, there are still many ways that we can work for progressive policy changes in our community. 

We can’t stand idly by and allow the income gap to go unchallenged. We need to put pressure on local elected officials to ensure businesses pay workers fair wages and work to increase our low income housing supply. We can’t allow representatives to go unchallenged when we see policies going into effect which unfairly prioritize the needs of corporations over our community’s residents.  We must continue to work together to ensure our water and air are protected for current and future generations. We need to do what we can to increase public transportation options, particularly within low income neighborhoods. We need to hold our elected officials accountable and ensure that resources are equitably distributed throughout our community. 

We hold officials accountable when we show up and speak out. We hold officials accountable by running for office, doing the hard work for progressive candidates (phonebanking, doorbelling, data entry, event planning, signwaving, etc.), and by researching who we vote for. The hard work doesn’t end at the elections. If we want to see the Democratic Party reflect our values, we must get more involved at the local levels.

I look forward to continuing the conversation in person and email. Please feel free to reach me at suzanneskaar@hotmail.com.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me and who volunteered and/or donated to the campaign. We could not have gotten as far as we did without your help. It means the world to me to have the support of such caring, dedicated, passionate social justice activists and all around badasses.

We’ve got work to do.


Endorsement Updates

CE47EEBF-E97E-4A4F-BDF6-C3855B2EE087Message from Suzanne:

Good news!

I have just been informed that I have been endorsed by Washington Berniecrats Coalition, aka Our Revolution-Washington Berniecrats Coalition AND Local Berniecrats Washington State. This is in addition to Our Revolution-Pierce County. I am honored to have the support of so many individuals and organizations fighting for equity and social justice. Thank you all.

Ballots are due tomorrow! Let’s remind our friends and family to turn them in. Our votes matter!



Endorsement: Our Revolution Pierce County

We are excited and honored to announce that Suzanne has been endorsed by Our Revolution Pierce County for Pierce County Council District 5. Thank you, Our Revolution Pierce County, for your support for Suzanne’s campaign and your continued hard work to get progressive candidates elected.

Ballots are due August 7, and there are many progressive candidates who need our support! Please remind your friends to vote, and join us on Tuesday, August 7 while we await the ballot count. Details will be posted soon on our website and Facebook page.




Campaign Update and Calendar


Message from Suzanne—

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has continued to work hard in support of my campaign for Pierce County Council District 5.

In no particular order: Melissa, Joey, Philip, Marilyn, Eric, Janet, Alease, Vince, Courtney, LaDonna, Carol, Beverly, David, Athena, Nikie, Claudia, John, Cindy, Val, Tim, Isobel, the South Sound Democratic Socialists of America, volunteers from the signwaving event in South Hill, and many others  – your efforts have helped propel this campaign forward!

In addition to the Progressive Voters Guide, this weekend The News Tribune also offered its endorsement.

Let’s keep this momentum going.

I’ll be doorbelling Monday, 7/23 and Tuesday, 7/24 beginning at 4 p.m. I’d love the company!

On Wednesday, 7/25, the Tacoma Tenants Organizing Committee will host a meeting at the Downtown Tacoma Urban Grace Church. I and many other campaign volunteers will be in attendance to listen and support those who are fighting for tenants’ rights.

On Thursday, 7/26, join us for Cupcakes and Campaigning in celebration of my 39th birthday. You can either pick up signs and join other volunteers at designated locations or help us continue our doorbelling efforts.

On Friday, 7/27, campaign signs *should* be ready for pick up, so we’ll need help assembling signs and stakes. If you would like to host, please let us know.

On Saturday morning, we’ll doorbell for a few hours, but we also need campaign volunteers for a few weekend festivals. This will be an all hands on deck kind of week.

Events are available online at the Committee to Elect Suzanne Skaar Facebook page. Please RSVP and share as you are able. If you would like to help phone bank, signwave, host a meet’n’greet, or something else not listed here, please email suzanneskaar2018@outlook.com.


Thank you again. Now let’s go!






Endorsement: The Progressive Voters Guide

Message from Suzanne:


I am pleased to announce I have received an endorsement from The Progressive Voters Guide. Thank you for your support, FUSE and partners.

To read the full endorsement statement, please click here.

We have many ways to get involved in the coming weeks. Please like and follow us on Facebook at Committee to Elect Suzanne Skaar, and email suzanneskaar2018@outlook.com if you’d like to help doorbell, phonebank, distribute and place campaign signs, and/ or wave signs. Donations are also helpful as we’ll soon need to order more campaign literature.

We couldn’t have made it this far without the generous contributions of time and energy by so many awesome individuals, and the support of the larger Pierce County District 5 community. We are ready for change. While I know we have many challenges ahead of us, I am honored to work side by side with such selfless leaders and community activists who put their hearts and souls into making life in Pierce County more equitable and safe. Thank you. Let’s keep going.